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Vintage Bandana

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Vintage Bandana

We have a wide variety of bandanas, and each one is unique and special. The bandana was initially created for simple utility and has now turned into an American icon. For that reason, vintage bandanas have become highly collectible, and some prints have become very rare and hard to come by. Our Elephant brand bandanas are particularly special and valuable. “Trunk up” and “trunk down” refer to the elephant logo on the Fast Color bandanas. Trunk up bandanas refer to the elephant’s trunk facing down and are dated before 1950. Trunk down bandanas refer to the elephant’s trunk facing up and are after 1950 but are still very valuable. Fast Color bandanas and elephant brand bandanas lead the way for authentic, American made bandanas so they remain the most sought-after. Our vintage bandana collection includes beautiful faded blues and perfectly worn in reds in lots of different patterns and prints.

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