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Banded Blue / Fast Color - Elephant Brand Bandana - Vintage Accessories
Era: 60s Details: Small "Blue Jean Baby" script embroidered at bottom right corner Thick, detailed outer band Super soft and faded 1 Selvedge edge Condition: Perfectly soft, thin, and faded; a bit of fraying on the outer edges Content + Care: *Vintage...
$ 50.00
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Black Tiny Sunnies
The perfect accessory to top off any chic look! We love this fun trend! 
$ 12.00
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Box Handle Bag
clear vintage box bag with gold tint and detailing. front clasp for closure 
$ 300.00
Ethereal Vintage Ring - Vintage Women’s Jewelry
Absolutely gorgeous oval shaped turquoise & lapis mixed stone set on a solid silver mount with intricate silversmith work. Features classic native american symbolic etchings and a beautiful split leaf silver design. A one of a kind stone like we've never seen!  ...
$ 125.00
Faded Tribal / Fast Color Bandana - Vintage Accessories
Era: 60s/70s Details: 3 Inch "Blue Jean Baby" script embroidered at bottom right corner Unique pattern Soft and worn in 1 Selvedge edge Condition: Perfectly soft, thin, and faded; a small bleach stain near the center Content + Care: *Vintage items should...
$ 45.00
Faithful Ring - Women’s Turquoise and Silver Jewelry
Oblong turquoise stone set in lasso and ribbon detail on split shank band. Featuring beautiful calico matrix stone pattern. Details: 100% sterling silver Drycreek turquoise stone Calico Matrix Pattern Lasso detail meaning, "Captivity" Circle details meaning, "Time" Split shank band Handmade by Navajo Silversmith, LaRose Ganadonegro  Made...
$ 300.00
Freebird Ring - Women’s Silver Engraved Jewelry
Hand crafted silver ring with finely detailed tribal bird design  Details: 100% sterling silver Right facing bird Handmade by Navajo Silversmith, Francis Melvin Made in New Mexico  
$ 104.00
Linear Vintage Stacker - Women’s Vintage Turquoise Jewelry
Dainty vintage stacker ring featuring 4 small linear turquoise stones in a classic aquamarine hue. **Can be worn as a pinky ring, a mid finger ring, or simply stacked with other stackers!  Details: 100% Sterling Silver Authentic turquoise stones Vintage Handmade...
$ 45.00
One & Only Cuff - Women’s Turquoise Jewelry
Large and gorgeous #8 turquoise stone set in sturdy silver base with circular accents surrounding stone. Sits on a thick, solid yet simple silver cuff that gives it the look of almost floating atop your wrist! Number 8 turquoise is one of the most...
$ 554.00
The Darla Tote - Red
$ 60.00
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black
The Darla Tote - Red
Solid tote bag with handle tie  Fabric: pleather  adjustable handle tie and button closure 
$ 60.00
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black
The Darla Tote - Tweed
Patterned tote bag with handle tie  fabric: tweed / pleather  adjustable tie and button inside for closure 
$ 60.00
  • Tweed
  • Blue
Vintage Women’s Chainmail Evening Gold Handbag
Era: 40s Details: Brass frame Kiss clasp Heavy chainmail in gold Chain appears to have been replaced Condition: Due to the bag's age, the brass frame has become a bit patinated. The chain strap appears to have been replaced at some...
$ 98.00
Vintage Women’s Designer Grey Suede Shoes
Era: 90s Details: Lace-ups Suede laces Gold interior lining Size 7.5 B Condition: Good Vintage Condition; they're a bit worn just from age but appear to have hardly been worn.
$ 72.00
Women’s Endless Movement Ring - Turquoise and Silver Jewelry
Oblong turquoise stone set in rectangular base, featuring circle & ribbon detail on a split shank band. Details: 100% sterling silver Oval shaped turquoise stone Waterweb Matrix Pattern Ribbon detail symbolic for 'River,' meaning "Movement" Circle details meaning, "Time" Split shank band Handmade by Navajo Silversmith, Juan Guarro ...
$ 85.00
Women’s Vintage Denim Levi Cut Offs with Embroidery
Perfect vintage denim cut-off's with symmetrical paulownia shaped feather embroidery + our signature script logo embroidery. The Paulownia tree is native to Eastern Asia and is a prominent symbol in both China and Japan, where it is known as the 'Princess Tree.' It is primarily grown...
$ 108.00
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