Texas Inspired

Our capsule collection pieces were each named after symbols from our home- The Great State of Texas! This was our first collection, and it is so dear to our hearts! Each piece was designed and inspired by classic wardrobe staple items, so it was only right that each was named after a staple to the place that raised us. 

The Sage Blazer
named after Texas’ native shrub,
Texas Sage.
The Palmwood Trousers
named after Texas’ state stone,
Petrified Palmwood.
The Monarch Slip Top
named after Texas’ state insect,
The Monarch Butterfly.
The Topaz Slip Dress
named after Texas’ state gem,
Texas Blue Topaz.

The Mockingbird Lounge Set
named after Texas’ state bird,
The Northern Mockingbird.
The Lonestar Moto Tee
named after Texas’ state flag,
The Lonestar Flag.
The Rodeo Peplum Top
named after Texas’ state sport,
The Rodeo.
The Austin Bloomer Shorts
named after Texas’ state capitol (and a favorite city of ours!), Austin, Texas. 
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