Lola and Taylor Rogers were born and raised in Dallas Texas by a very fashionable and creative mom. They discovered their love for design through tagging along with her to flea markets and vintage stores, where she’d take an old shabby piece of furniture, and reupholster it to make it her own. “Our mom taught us to see the beauty in imperfection, and that it always turns out better when you don’t overthink it.” They like to think that is the idea behind their brand.
“We’ve always been drawn to clothes that are soft and easy. We love that effortlessness, and the way that women shine the most in their natural element - fresh faced, with messy hair and non-fussy clothes.”
The sisters split their time between their home in Dallas and their family’s ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Rough Creek Ranch instilled in them a love for the outdoors and an appreciation for western culture and tradition. They spent their time riding four wheelers, shooting guns, and picking wildflowers, all while wearing one of Dad’s old t-shirts and blue jeans.
"We felt good wearing our old tee and cutoffs. The more we explored, the better our clothes looked. Ripped fringed, and torn, our outfits told a story.”

The girls describe their brand as “minimalist meets farm girl.” Growing up in the south, they take inspiration from cowboys rocking vintage bandanas and layers upon layers of turquoise. Yet, they love the luxury of silks and lace- an element that drives much of their capsule collection and is a driving force in their vintage endeavors.
The delicacy, quality, and thought behind the craftsmanship of vintage clothing is something they wish to recreate through their line. Everything from the graphics on grungy old band tee’s to the intricate details of vintage lingerie set the standard for the products they work hard to deliver.
“Our customer is your laid back all-American girl who is inspired by culture, art, and music. She’s always down to try new things and meet new people because through these experiences she learns, finds new passions, and falls in love with what the world has to offer. On the other hand, she feels most at home in a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt.
Blue Jean Baby is a fusion of exactly that. Our vintage Levi’s are a focal point of our brand because they are a base on which any style can be built, like the first coat on a canvas.”