We’ve grown up with the belief that perfection is boring and that everything is better with a few flaws.  That belief goes hand in hand with the adoration for things of the past. The more rusted, chipped, and faded - the better.

Our momma has always decorated with a high-low mix.  Our home was full of shabby pieces, floral prints, and fluffy bedding. So it’s safe to say that my sister, brother, and I have known the word “shabby chic” for most of our lives. 

She's passed on that love of vintage charm to us and we’ve all incorporated that aesthetic when decorating our own homes. 

I believe that homes get better the longer you live in them - it becomes layered with memories and things you love. I’m constantly tweaking and adding; and when I want to find some inspiration, I love looking to Shabby Chic founder, Rachel Ashwell’s creations. She has that ability to make homes feel like charming cottages from years past. Her designs feel vintage and rustic without being too kitschy or country. 

I had been planning a buying trip to the Round Top Antiques Fair when I discovered that Rachel had a B&B there.  It was a last minute thing, and come to find out - chances of booking a room there are slim to none.  It’s booked out months in advance; but somehow, there was 1 night available for the weekend I’d be there. I was so excited to experience this dreamy place!
The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell consists of 46 acres of beautiful farm land dating back to the mid 1800s.  There are 5 cottages on the property that were restored and decorated with Rachel's signature style while still preserving the rustic, primitive history of the property’s past.
When the weekend rolled around, my boyfriend and I set out on our 4 hour road trip to Round Top.  We listened to 80s country the whole way and had the best time singing our faves on repeat. 
The next morning we got up super early, grabbed coffee and headed to the antique fair.  We were so overwhelmed - the fair is so expansive it would take days to see it all. We quickly learned that the nearby town of Warrenton was the place to be. I got tons of amazing pieces for the site- vintage French slips, silk dusters, and vintage Indian-made jewelry. The whole market was heavenly; there were so many beautiful antique pieces - furniture, art, architectural salvage and clothing. It's hard to stay on task with so much to look at, but the corn dog, taco, and beer stands made getting down to business a lot easier.
After our first night at the good ‘ol Holiday Inn, The Prairie was extra special. We stayed in the Shabby Shack, a restored 1900s farmhouse. It felt like a trip back in time with its quaint front porch swing and screen door.  It was so dreamy - vintage wallpaper, big ruffled chandeliers, lace curtains, and cozy slipcovered couches. They think of everything at The Prairie; hand towels and water bottles are customized with the B&B's logo, and there are even specific towels for makeup removal, tied together with delicate pink ribbons.
After hours of hunting for treasure and being on our feet all day, we couldn't wait to plop onto that mushy white bed and take a nap. That night we went back into town to grab some drinks + watch a local band play.  We ate pizza, made friends with an elderly couple, and bought a bottle of wine to take home. 
We woke up the next morning not wanting to leave. We packed up and walked to the Ranger's Lounge to eat prairie keeper Danny's famous breakfast.  You would never guess it's a "lobby" - as soon as walking in it's "Mornin!' Grab some food, make yourselves at home." The food is laid out on delicate vintage plates, and the milk is in a beautiful glass pitcher. Glasses are replaced by jam jars and the deer on the walls wear flower crowns. We ate on the back porch and took in the beautiful view; there were no cars passing by, no dogs barking, just the sounds of nature. Being in the country is so addicting for this very reason.  It's so nice to truly be able to think and to get away from technology for a bit. 
Our stay at The Prairie was such a refreshing and magical experience. It's one of those spots that you just don't come across very often, if ever, and that's what makes it so special. I can't wait to go back for more shopping and a longer stay.
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