The small piece of cotton that makes up the bandana has come a long way. In the beginning, it was used as a simple utility, and has now become a piece of fashion history. The bandana represents American culture and is specifically associated with cowboys, farmers, and rebels. 
Vintage bandanas are highly collectible and rare. Each pattern is unique and beautiful, but some are sought after more than others. The polka dot, sunbleached blues, and advertising prints are among the most collectible. 

The Elephant Brand:

Elephant Brand bandanas came about in the 1900s when a company in New York, Davis & Catterall, stamped an elephant on their product. It was then that bandanas truly became an Americana staple.  The Elephant brand led the way for authentic, American made bandanas.
Trunk Down Elephant: Before 1950
Trunk Up Elephant: After 1950
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